lördag 21 augusti 2010

World Champion is crowned as USA 5235 Tim Healy and crew

I´d like to congratulate the new world champion Tony Parker and hes crew G Borges/M McClintock/D Rabin/JMollicone to superresult and well sailing all week long.
Taking a convincing victory at J-24 Worlds in malmoe sweden.

Here is some more pictures from last sundays tune up race.
Starting with the Champions 2010.

1st and World Champion 2010 was USA 5235 with Tim Healy steering the boat and crew.

2nd at the worlds was Ian Southwork from England.

On third place we had Andrea Casale and his crew.

4th Matias Pereira from Argentina.

At 5th spot we had Nathan Batchelor from England.

And on 6th place was Tony Parker from USA.

At 7th was the German guys on Max Bahr with Stefan Karsunke on the rudder.

At a superfine 8th spot we had the home crew from Malmoe,Sweden Per-Håkan Person and his crew.

Here i another actionshot from second upwind mark rounding on the tuneup race.

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